Console Commands

To get to the Console at any time (even in the GUI), press ~ (tilde). You can press it again to get rid of the console.

There are many commands that only work in debugging mode (not available to y'all). So your mileage my vary.

Here are some useful console commands:


Instantly quits

MSG <message>

Only works if server (dedicated works too) - sends message to clients. Use "quotes" around message.


Outputs all players and ids connected.DOES NOT WORK VIA RCON.

RCON <password> <command>

currently this works only when connected to a server as a client - sends <command> to server with RCON password <password> Use quotes! Note that the server has to be set up with a rcon password in its config for this to work.

playerlist RCON eatatjoes "msg joe has been banned for being lame" RCON eatatjoes "ban 4" // Note how playerlist was used WITHOUT rcon, first, to find that joe was player 4

DUMPCMDS <filter>

Shows all the commands matching filter. If filter is not specified, shows all. Example: dumpcmds bot

HELP <command>


AddBot <type> <difficulty> <team>

parameter 1: type of bot (0 is normal bot) parameter 2: difficulty. 0 to 5

Parameter 3: team. Use 0 or 1