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Hosting Custom Maps on Server

On October 4 2007, the first community created map, "a_fission" by DerekB, was approved for official servers to use in their map rotations.

This means that if you run a server, you can add the map to your cycle and players will gain experience and credits while playing it, just like an Iocaine Studios official map.

Note: Iocaine does not check the fun-factor of a map, the community votes on that. We do make sure as best we can that the map contains no hostile scripts, or gameplay errors.

Adding the map

First, you'll need to download the map. The map comes in a file with extension HBC. Its basically a mod package that contains everything needed to run the map, including any custom models and sounds that he map requires. As a server op, you'll need that file in order to host it! Luckily, if you already run an official server, you already have your server registered at Starport.

So go to starport, find your server at the server administration page athttp://starport.hyperbol.com/Host_ServerList.aspx and click 'edit' on the server you'd like to add the map to. Fission, for example, is an arena/deathmatch map. It will only appear in the list for arena/deathmatch flavor servers. But you'll find it there - it will be noted as a custom map, underlined for download.

Click to download it, and save it to your server's modfiles folder. You will need to make the tshb/data/modfiles folder if it does not exist. Put the hbc in that folder.

On your server edit page in starport, check the box next to the map to indicate that it will be part of the cycle.

Now make sure your server is configured to allow uploading of that map to clients. The map does NOT come with hyperbol and if your server is unable to upload to clients, nobody will be able to play. The uploading is controlled on the same 'edit server' page on starport.

Above, see the screenshot of the Starport server screen. Notice that we specify port 12129 as the server port, 12130 as the Steam port, and 12131 as the auto direct download port. If I filled in the base map download URL I'd have to ensure that the map files were there instead. Its much easier to simply leave it blank and use direct download, like in the screenshot.

Its vital that you make sure the ports you specify are forwarded to your server, through any firewall or router you had. If you run an official server you probably already did this for at least the server port. Make sure the direct download port is enabled that way too!

Once you've done this, Close your server before saving the new hostoptions.cfg becuase it will be overwritten when the server closes. Then save the hostoptions.cfg from the web, to the server(s) and restart them.

That's all there is to it.

Short version

  • shut down servers so they dont overwrite configs

  • Go to the starport server admin page

  • from there, Download the HBC and put it in your modfiles folder

  • from there, check the box to add the map to your cycle

  • make sure direct download is enabled and the ports are forwarded

  • save the config

  • run your servers again!