Beginner's Class

This is not so much a tutorial as it is a step-by-step guide with pointers and tips to help you build a operational and functional objective map. This is a guide that I have created that is based upon my own experiences while creating maps and what I have learned in the process which has primarily dealt with Assault Mode type maps. This guide will not be providing any pointers to designing an objective map as that part is up to each and every map maker, but it will point out where some of the prefabs are best used and touch upon proper render priorities for prefabs. Some of what you need has already been described in other sections the official Hyperbol Wiki and I will refer you to those sections in some instances throughout this guide (I will update those sections later).

This tutorial generally assumes that you have had at least some experience creating maps (laying down floors, prefabs, etc.). It is highly suggested that you read the Basic Map Editor Usage section and get used to using the Map Editor first before attempting to create an objective map. It is also suggested that you read the Map Scripting section of the wiki before going through this tutorial. Feel free to refer to the map in the HBMEToolkit that comes with the game for further understanding of what an objective map is like.