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Sending Maps to Friends

  1. Package the map for download using the hyperbol editor's package map function
  2. This results in HBC, ZIP, and MST files. If it results in only the ZIP and and MST file, rename the zip as you feel free, but rename it to an HBC file
  3. (important) we deal only with HBC files - so make sure its extension is hbc

  4. Send the HBC file to your friend. Perhaps email it. Perhaps P2P it. Perhaps zip and IM it. Its up to you
  5. Have them double click on the HBC file. It will automatically install. If this fails, have them run the HBModTool program in their Hyperbol Folder first, to make this auto install functionality work.
  6. It auto installed, so they should be able to start the game and see the maps.
  7. If they're on a LAN with you, you could also simply use the direct autodownload feature - put the hbc file in your steam/steamapps/common/tshb/data/modfiles folder (make the folder if it doesn't exist), and then host a LAN server thats running the map. Anyone who joins will automatically get the map.