Editing the Default LAN/Single Player Ships

Sometimes, for single player, co-op, or LAN games, you want to alter or limit what ships players get by default. Since LAN and Single Player games do not use StarPort, they have no access to the player's actual garage. Instead, they are given a set of stock ships. You can override these stock ships for a specific map.

First, create a CSV file in your map's folder, called 'mapentdata.csv'.

You may open it with a text editor, or Excel. (Its a spreadsheet).

Values in this file will override the game's data hive. Note that you can use this file to alter just about anything (including weapon damages, velocities, quantities, everything). But for now, here is what you need in order to alter a ship.

Note that if you want to make a global change to all maps, not just a particular custom map, you need to make a similar file inside data/modfiles called data_user.csv. The contents are the same. If you globally modify your game, it will not checksum correctly if you try to make an official server and you will have to remove your edits before you can do so.

YOU CAN ONLY HAVE 5 LAN SHIPS ADDING MORE MAY CRASH OR SIMLY IGNORE YOUR SHIPS. You must replace an existing LAN ship (override it).

Here is how a typical file looks (in excel). 

If you are editing the CSV using a text editor, simply use commas instead of fields.

Example for text editor: [KP],STRING,LAN_SHIP_0,SHIP_NAME,Dreadnought,end

  • Please ignore the green text (at least, it doesn't have to be in your file).
  • The parser only examines lines starting with [KP] (case sensitive)
  • The parser only examines lines up to the 'end' keyword (case insensitive), SO you can use the rest of the area for whatever you want.
  • Ship Forms are from 0 (no form in slot) to 15.
  • Stats are clamped from 0.0 (nothing) to 1.0 (full blast).
  • ClassIDs define the type of base ship being used for the ship visual style (models etc).
    • 1 - 6: Dreadnaughts
    • 7 - 12: Goliaths
    • 13 - 18: Centurion
    • 19 - 24: Spartan
    • 25 - 30: Shrike
    • 31 - 36: Vulture
    • 37 - 42: Spectre
    • 43 - 48: Banshee
    • 49 - 54: Poseidon
    • 55 - 60: Artemis
    • 61 - 66: Phoenix
    • 67 - 72: argus
    • The rest are reserved for special offers and awards and may or may not work in LAN (use at own risk) in a LAN, random ship pieces are selected as the sub pieces.
    • Each set of two of the above use the same model. So for example, goliaths and dreadnaughts use the same model, centurions and spartans use the same model. This may change in the future if we get some awesome model submissions.