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Altering the Music Playlist

The playlist can be altered without being considered a cheat. If you like a song, go buy it at amazon.com :http://www.amazon.com/Threadspace-Hyperbol-Soundtrack/dp/B000YROEGU/ The game can only play ogg files, but they can be placed anywhere in the data sub folder. First, create a blank file in your tshb/data folder called playlist.dat Here is an example playlist.dat to get you started

// Currently, the known playlist name "loading", "mainmenu", and "ingame"
// Format is
// (the hb song tag) true "playlistname" "oggfilepath"
HB_Song: true "loading" "data/sounds/Music/Go Forth.ogg"
HB_Song: true "mainmenu" "data/sounds/Music/Go Forth.ogg"
HB_Song: true "tutorial" "data/sounds/Music/The Plan.ogg"
HB_Song: true "tutorial" "data/sounds/Music/What We Lost.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/What We Lost.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Hyper Rush.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/The Plan.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Tension.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Prepare Us All.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Hyperbol Theme.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Beautiful Chaos.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Enduring Struggle.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Drakes Cadence.ogg"
HB_Song: true "ingame" "data/sounds/Music/Go Forth.ogg"

As you can imagine, its not hard to remove a song from playing, change the order, or put an ogg of your own in some folder and have it play that instead. However, if you want to play your own music, its probably easier to simply disable music in the game and run a music program in the background! If you want a mixture of your songs and the hyperbol music, the soundtrack is available - you can play it with a music program of your choice. Some songs are exclusive to the soundtrack because they were only part of trailers/promos.

Note that putting your own playlist.dat in the data folder will OVERRIDE the built in playlist, even if we update it later, to add songs / whatever. So if something music-related goes wrong after a patch, consider deleting your playlist.dat