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Adding New Maps to Tutorial Menu

This tutorial assumes that you have already got a map finished and wish to add it to the Tutorials menu, so it automatically shows up. For this to work, you will have to append or create a user CSV file in the modfiles folder.

  1. Create a folder called modfiles in your hyperbol data folder, if it does not exist. Final path will be <hyperbol folder>/data/modfiles

  2. Create or edit the CSV file "gui_user.csv" in there. You can use any office program (OpenOffice or Excel) to edit it, but you can also edit it by hand.

  3. Add the following lines to it:

[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,NAME,"Name of your map",end
[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,MAPFILE,"file name for your map",end
[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,DESCRIPTION,"[+][w]Big Title Of your map<carriage return>
Long description of your map.",end
[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,IMAGE,"Picture file for your map to use",end

For example:

[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,NAME,Target Practice,end
[KP],STRING,TUTORIAL_1,DESCRIPTION,"[+][w]Destroy all targets as quickly as possible.
Finish the course within the specified par time to gauge your readiness for online play.",end

Notice that if you want a special icon for your map, all you need to do is place it in your map's folder priori to packaging, and then supply the appropriate paths.

You should also change TUTORIAL_1 to be TUTORIAL_n where n is one higher than the number of currently existing tutorials, unless you want to overwrite the original tutorial with your own one.

How to do it in OpenOffice/Excel

First, have a look at the above code blocks. You'll see its similar.

  1. Open up the CSV file or create a new XLS file.
  2. Put the following text in column A, Row 0: [KP] - (That includes the square brackets and is case sensitive. Capital K and capital P, please)
  3. Put the following value in column B, Row 0: STRING
  4. Put the following value in column C, Row 0: NAME
  5. Make sure that so far you have the following three text entries in the first three columns: [KP] STRING NAME
  6. Now put the name of your map in the next column. For example "Target Practice". You do not have to include quotation marks.
  7. Now put the word "end" (without quotes) in the next column
  8. You should have the following in the columns: [KP] STRING TUTORIAL_1 NAME MapName end

  9. Repeat the above procedure for each of the lines described in the code blocks at the start of this document. Remember you can hold down ALT and press ENTER if you need a newline in the long description
  10. From the menu choose "SAVE AS" and choose "CSV" as the output format. Save it as "gui_user.csv"

Note that this file overrides values found in the GUIs. You can change a lot of text by altering various values in this file. For others to see your map in their tutorial list, they will have to have this file with your map entered in it.